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08 My Skin Tone is Not Your Prop (aka Anime Expo 2018) - Black N Animated Podcast

July 15, 2018

In this episode Bre and Way bring on guest Clayton D’andrade as we talk about our experience at Anime Expo 2018 last week. We discuss cosplaying characters that are not specifically your skin tone and why it’s great to cosplay any character you want, as well as our favorites of the expo, and previous convention experiences we’ve had. (There’s quite a bit of cosplay talk in this ep!)

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Ronin Clayd Youtube:

Characters mentioned : 

2B nier Automata

Tony Tony Chopper / Zorro

Pokemon Trainer / Disney Princesses

Omar / Pikmin

Joseph Joestar

Tidus FInal Fantasy X


Anime Expo:



(Video Bre  mentioned about how she learned what Momocon was) )

 Anime Central:


 Anime MidWest:







 Flame Con:

The Animated Journey, Convention Round Table:



Youtubers mentioned :

Super Eye-patch Wolf

KaiserNeko of Team Four Star :
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