Black N’ Animated

27 - Chaz Bottoms - Indie Animator,Producer,Director, writer - Black N Animated Podcast

July 28, 2019

Hey howdy hey it's that time again! However we're mixing things up a little bit here on this second to last episode of the season ( *GASP* ). Instead of a BW episode we've got another dope interview for you!

   This week Bre and Way have a great chat with India Animator Chaz Bottoms. A fellow Chicagoan like Bre , Chaz has made the great leap to the west coast and has been here making waves.  He's started his own remote, freelance studio, directed and produced various shorts, and a feature.. he's constantly working on various projects for clients on the web and has started to create a community of animators to do business together with.  You don't want to miss this episode, proving that for the Indie life there's a will and a way and Chaz is certain do that and more. 

Chaz's portfolio :

The Indies Kickstarter:

All Kids go to Hell :