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33 - Verbum Dei Highschool Q + A - Black N Animated Podcast

33 - Verbum Dei Highschool Q + A - Black N Animated Podcast

April 19, 2020

Hey there BNA listeners. I hope you're all doing your best during these difficult times. 

Today we bring to you a different kind of BW episode. Black N Animated was reached out to by Verbum Dei High School, an all boys Catholic, Jesuit, college and career preparatory school in LA. They wanted to hear what we had to say about working in the animation industry and what advice we could give for those in high school still investigating their careers, and college prep.  

Join Bre, Waymond, Lorraine and Neil as they offer some good words of advice and as per usual, get some anime knowledge in there. 

Any youngsters still in high school looking into animation, this is the episode for you!

Neil Wade: Current Series Coordinator @ Nickelodeon Animation
Breana Williams: Production Coordinator @ Disney Television Animation
Lorraine Grate: Design/Asset Production Coordinator @ Wild Canary Animation 
Waymond Singleton: Storyboard Artist @ Disney Television Animation 

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13 - Bria Jones - Character Animator-  Black N Animated Podcast

13 - Bria Jones - Character Animator- Black N Animated Podcast

September 25, 2018

Hey howdy Hey it's that time again! A little late but we're here with a new episode for you! On This week's episode we've got a great interview by character animator Bria Jones! She gives us a rundown of what it's like to be someone who animates in house dispelling the notion that the actual job of animating is done and gone. 

Bria's portfolio :

Toonboom Harmony :

Adobe Animate CC :

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11 - Kalen Whitfield - Storyboard Artist, Animator - Black N Animated Podcast

11 - Kalen Whitfield - Storyboard Artist, Animator - Black N Animated Podcast

August 26, 2018

Hey howdy hey everyone! On today's episode we interview Storyboard Artist and Animator Kalen Whitfield! Kalen's approching his 4th year here in the industry and is eager to share his experiences with us. We talked in depth about how to balance working in the industry while also maintaining your creative voice, being an animator in the indie scene, having artwork on the more mature side, and making it in the industry wile your art is heavily anime influenced. 

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Kalen's Portfolio:
           Twitter :
          Youtube :

Links Links Links! :  : NEWGROUNDS.COM

Storyboard pro :

Sketchup :

Artist influences metioned : 

Takeshi Koi Kei :

Robert Valley :

******* One of the artistic influences mentioned by our guest will not be listed , because the hosts of Black N Animated do not agree with the things this artist has done. We recognize that someone can be influenced by an artist work and not the artist themselves, but we do not wish to offend by giving this person any more of a platform by sharing their work along with the other two artists. ********

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