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29 - Our Friend Martin - Black N Animated Podcast

29 - Our Friend Martin - Black N Animated Podcast

February 23, 2020

That one day a black and animated podcast will come back for Season 3 in 2020....

Get ready for you dream to come into fruition because Black N Animated is BACK! To kick things off, your hosts Bre and Way watch the old educational VHS classic "Our Friend Martin".They discuss story theme, 90's animated aesthetic, and the history of Martin Luther King. They even have a James Earl Jones show up as a surprise guest for two seconds!
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BlackNAnimated Podcast SEASON 3 -Promo

BlackNAnimated Podcast SEASON 3 -Promo

February 2, 2020

Hey howdy hey everyone, 

 Bre and Way are back with an all new season of the Black N Animated Podcast!  New Episodes starting Feb 23th, 2020 and and every other Sunday following. 


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