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20 - Christina Halstead - Technical Director- Black N Animated Podcast

20 - Christina Halstead - Technical Director- Black N Animated Podcast

April 21, 2019

Hey howdy hey, 
   we're back again with another episode for you! This time we interview Technical Director on Disney TVA's Big City Greens CHRISTINA HALSTEAD YA'LL!

   We dive into the world of a critical role in the animation process that honestly isn't talked about enough! The TD's are the last line of defense and they are the problem solvers.  She tells us the tale of how she came into the world of animation and how everyone has their own path into the industry, whether it's the traditional way of doing internships... or being recognized for knowing certain programs and becoming a valuable asset to the pipeline. We even peer into her personal love of fantasy creature character design and her love of the hero's journey and how those tales inspire her own work. 

Check out the world of being a TD you guys! You don't wanna miss it!



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19 - Song of the South - Black N Animated Podcast

19 - Song of the South - Black N Animated Podcast

April 7, 2019

Zip ah Dee doo Dah every body!

This week we discuss Song of the South. This film has been lock away in the Disney Vault for years because of controversial stereotypes. However many people may recognize elements from the film but have never seen it, including the song Zip-Ah-Dee-Doo-Dah and characters like Br'er Rabbit, Bear and Fox. 

Bre and Way watch the film and review what make it so controversial, and ask themselves if it really is something that must be hidden in the vault forever.

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